04 February 2012

Death Care Definitions

Funeral and cemetery arrangements after a death has occurred.

Purchase of products and services prior to a death occurring.

Pre-need Backlog
Future revenues from unfulfilled preneed funeral and cemetery contractual arrangements.

Burial Vaults
A reinforced container intended to house and protect the casket before it is placed in the ground.

Cemetery Perpetual Care or Endowment Care Fund
A trust fund established for the purpose of maintaining cemetery grounds and property into perpetuity.

The reduction of human remains to bone fragments by intense heat.

The burial or final placement of human remains in the ground.

Lawn Crypt
An underground outer burial receptacle constructed of concrete and reinforced steel, which is usually pre-installed in predetermined designated areas.

A method of identifying a deceased person in a particular burial space, crypt, or niche. Permanent burial markers are usually made of bronze, granite, or stone.

An above ground structure that is designed to house caskets and cremation urns.

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