30 December 2016

Puerto Rico Series

This is a series about another country getting into financial difficulties. I previously chronicled Zimbabwe as it went through a massive inflationary period that lasted years into the realm of ridiculousness and is still suffering the aftermath. It eventually pushed Zimbabwe into China’s camp. Greece is still dealing with the impact of austerity measures to pay debt [Greek Series]. And now, Puerto Rico appears on the horizon as the next candidate for debt default, a territory of the United States. Puerto Rico is referred to as the “Greece of the Caribbean”, somewhat ironic. What if austerity measures in Puerto Rico appear punitive, as they do in Greece, and everywhere else. How will the Puerto Ricans respond? Puerto Ricans have clashed with the United States before, an assassination attempt of President Truman and fired shots in the House of Representatives, wounding five lawmakers.

In this series, I’ll excerpts from a few books [War Against All Puerto Ricans being a primary source] and laying some groundwork of historical reference. The Puerto Rican debt crisis may turn into a headline dominating issue. Its implications could resonate far and wide through Latin America. There are significant Puerto Rican communities in the United States, especially in NYC, Bay Area, and Hawaii. Puerto Ricans span all ethnicities, all colors. This should prove to be an interesting series.

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