07 September 2018

The Form of Money -- A Treatise

Money is the lowest common denominator of valuation among a society, the blood of trade, primary to societal interaction, and should be perfect in concept and form. If the form of money is not perfect in concept and form, societal stress will eventually ensue with potentially horrific consequences if ignored. Money is not the root of all evil; however, flawed money is the root of significant evils.

Money has had many forms over the millenniums, extending long before written history. Some remnants of those ancient forms of money remain with us today: the penny looks copper, the quarter and dime look silver, and nickel is supposed to be nickel, and the dollar coin looks gold, testimony to the endurance of the ancient forms of money. The transition from these ancient forms to the now dominant form, Legal Tender, birthed 2,600 years ago by King Croesus, has been a prolonged epic of consolidating monetary control by nation/states and has been the prime driver of Western Civilization growth.

Legal Tender is a legal contrivance, and when issued in the form of debt is nothing more than a pyramid/ponzi scheme. The quantification of debt wrongfully applies the algebraic concept of exponential growth - compounding interest - upon money. The distinction between usury and interest is an arbitrary legal determination with no basis in mathematics. Nothing can grow forever at an ever-increasing rate. As time moves on, the emphasis of ever-increasing growth becomes omnipresent, is quantified and institutionalized in the societal structure, encouraging over consumption, over development, and excessive expectations, pushing economic stress to its upper limit of expansion, eventually inciting conflict and spawning War to insure growth.

Economic systems of capitalism, communism, socialism, imperialism, colonialism, totalitarianism, fascism, nazism, monarchism, corporatism, and all other centralist monetary-isms maintain the monopolized control of money, and hence the control of society itself, through their own brand of Legal Tender that excludes other forms of money from the Market.
Today, Legal Tender is a near global reality, an epochal consolidation of Markets, heading exponentially towards a global conclusion. Legal Tender is a severely flawed form of money, debt money, and has skewed the concepts of ownership, institutionalized into Law and Enforcement.

The eventual conclusion of this monetary epoch, the triggering event, and the ensuing transition to the next, offers extreme potential of good and bad, impacting everyone and rippling for generations to come. Beyond Legal Tender is a truly Free Market where money is adaptable and flexible, in balance with individual needs, societal needs, environmental needs, and the needs of the greater realit

Chance favors the prepared mind. 

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