29 November 2017

Presidential Speech Series

From the speech transcripts, the words econ, job, grow, tax, and debt are highlighted. Focusing on these highlighted words, these speeches are reduced to their essential economic message, which is basically grow the economy. Grow to what? It doesn’t matter, just grow or perish. Sacrosanct is the growth mantra, reinforced over and over and over, especially in Presidential speeches and debates.

2016 Presidential Debate
Clinton/Trump October Debate
Clinton/Trump September Debate

2012 Presidential Debate
Since this was an economic debate, highlighted the words jobs, taxes, and growth, and discarded the remainder of sentences without these words. Not sure why the global economy was ignored, nor any mention of quantitative easements, but they did talk about jobs, taxes, and growth.

Romney’s speech heavily emphasized jobs, a bit of growth and taxes, no mention ofdebt.

Ryan’s speech emphasized jobseconomic growth, debt, and mentions taxes to pay for Obama Care.

Clinton’s speech emphasized economics, jobs and growth, and a heavy dose of tax anddebt.

Obama’s speech emphasized economy, jobs and taxes, barely mentioned growth and debt. In the 2008 election, growth was the mantra.

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