31 August 2016

Racial Wealth Gap

The Ever-Growing Gap: Failing to Address the Status Quo Will Drive the Racial Wealth Divide for Centuries to Come
08 Aug 2016
In the last decade, we have seen the catastrophic economic impact of the Great Recession and an ensuing recovery that has bypassed millions of Americans, especially households of color. This period of economic turmoil has been punctuated by civil unrest throughout the country in the wake of a series of high-profile African-American deaths at the hands of police. These senseless and violent events have not only given rise to the Black Lives Matter movement, they have also sharpened the nation’s focus on the inequities and structural barriers facing households of color.

America’s Financial Divide: The Racial Breakdown of U.S. Wealth in Black and White
28 Jan 2016

The major sources of wealth for most of the super rich are inheritances and in life transfers. The big reason is racial differences in access to resources to transfer to the next generation. The practices of enslavement, violence, Jim Crow, discrimination and dispossession of property have kept generations of African Americans from accruing the type of wealth that whites in the top 1 percent have today.

Most famous of all New-Deal images is “After the Louisville Flood,” by photographer Margaret Bourke-White, which features black flood victims in line at a relief agency being virtually run down by the looming white family of the “American Way” billboard beside them

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