29 November 2011

Obama: “biggest tax scam on record”

05 Jan 2008
"You've got a building in the Cayman Islands that supposedly houses 12,000 corporations. That's either the biggest building or the biggest tax scam on record."

US Uncut, Yes Men to Bust Corporate Tax Dodgers in Cayman Islands, June 18
10 Jun 2011

The activism groups behind a widely circulated (and false) AP report stating GE would return its entire 2010 tax refund of $3.2 billion to the US Treasury appear to be getting the band back together. US Uncut and The Yes Men are planning another event to draw attention to the massive problem of corporate tax dodging, but this time they’re taking their activism directly to the source of America’s lost revenue: the Cayman Islands.

One of Obama’s stock applause lines was a true-life story he would tell about a single building in the Cayman Islands which houses 12,000 corporations. "That's either the biggest building,” then-Senator Obama would say, “or the biggest tax scam on record.” Cue wild applause. The building Obama was referring to is called the Ugland House in George Town, and it actually houses about 19,000 registered companies. Since being elected, however, President Obama has done little to stem the problem of corporate tax havens. Legislative paralysis is precisely why US Uncut and The Yes Men are planning this action to draw the American people’s attention back to the problem of tax dodging.

Ugland House

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