03 February 2012

Death Care PC Terminology

The American Way of Death Revisited by Jessica Mitford, 1996, Excerpts

Funeral Director or Mortician  NOT  Undertaker
Mr., Mrs, Miss Blank  NOT  Corpse or Body
Deceased  NOT  Dead
Passed On or Expired  NOT  Died
Memorial Service  NOT  Funeral
Casket   NOT  Coffin
Floral Tributes  NOT  Flowers
Reposing Room  NOT  Showroom
Display Area  NOT  Casket Room
Drawing Room  NOT  Parlor
Casket Coach  NOT  Hearse
Interment Space  NOT  Grave
Opening Interment Space  NOT  Digging Grave
Closing Interment Space  NOT  Filling the Grave
Preparation Room  NOT  Morgue
Shipping Case   NOT  Shipping Box
Cremains  NOT  Ashes
Clothing  NOT   Shroud
Relatives and Friends  NOT  Mourners
Vital Statistics Form  NOT  Death Certificate
Investment in the Service  NOT  Cost of the Casket

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