31 July 2012

Mormons Massacred - Haun’s Mill Missouri

Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer, 2003, Excerpts

In the summer of 1838, Missourians launched a campaign of harassment and violence against the Mormon residents of Daviess County, forcing most of them from their homes. Finally, on October 14 in Far West, Joseph assembled several hundred of his followers in the town square and urged them to fight back. Venting years of pent-up anger, they began raiding Gentile towns and plundering food, livestock, and valuables, burning approximately fifty non-Mormons homes in the process. Outraged, Missourians retaliated with counterattacks, destroying several Mormon cabins. Eleven days after Joseph’s forceful call to arms, a skirmish resulted in the death of three Saints and one Gentile.

Days later, three companies of the Missouri militia launched a surprise attack on a Mormon settlement known as Haun’s Mill. Late in the afternoon of October 30, 1838, as the sun “hung low and red in a beautiful Indian sky,” some twenty-five Mormon families working in the fields were surprised to see 240 troops appear suddenly from the surrounding woods, aim their muskets, and fire in unison at the Saints. The commander of the Mormons, realizing that his lightly armed community had no chance against such an overwhelming force, immediately waved his hat and yelled out his desire to surrender. The Missourians ignored his pleas for mercy and kept shooting. The event became known as Haun’s Mill Massacre, and was stamped into the Latter-day Saints’ collective memory. More than 160 years later, Mormons still speak of it indignation and undiminished rage.

Missouri mosque razed by fire, month after arson attack
06 Aug 2012
A mosque has burned to the ground in the US state of Missouri, a month after an arson attack on the building. The building in the city of Joplin was completely destroyed by the fire. Members of the local community said the mosque had been targeted several times since it was founded five years ago. "Our sign has been burnt... Our mailbox was smashed multiple times. We had bullets shot at our sign," former mosque board member Navid Zaidi told AFP news agency.

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