24 August 2012

House of Dolls – Joy Division - WWII

House of Dolls by Ka-tzetnik 135633, 1955, Excerpts

Here, every day, at two o’clock, German soldiers, on their way to the Russian front, came from the nearby transit depots to entertain themselves with the girls of the Doll House. The girls had to put their all into the satisfaction of their esteemed guests. During Enjoyment Duty she roams through the blocks, craving to draw attention of the German guests. If such a guest was not satisfied with the “enjoyment,” he had only to report it, on leaving, in the orderly room and give the girl’s breast number. After three such ”reports” the girl was automatically doomed.

Sinners with three such “reports” were led out, usually with the arrival of a new transport, to the Execution Square, where Elsa, the Master Kalefactress, cleansed the sin out of their bodies. Sin Purgation it was called. Here, when a girl was flogged she was not permitted to return to the Joy Division. The purgated bodies were tossed on the van and off to the crematorium: Let the other maidens of paradise behold and beware of sin.

Feld-Hure: Field Whore

Strippers look to GOP to 'make it rain'
23 Aug 2012
Many clubs have taken out ads inviting GOP delegates "to party like a liberal" in a city where the "poles are open all night." At convention time, even upstanding men seem to seek out undressed women. Many male convention-goers, regardless of political stripe, are drawn to the sexual underground. Across town, at a club quaintly named Thee DollHouse, they're finishing a $1.5 million face-lift. Waitresses and shot girls sport red, white and blue Wonder Woman corsets. And the porn star known for her resemblance to a certain former vice-presidential candidate -- Lisa Ann of Hustler's "Nailin' Paylin" videos -- has been signed for a "stimulating keynote undress." 

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