26 September 2012

Tollund Man, Jutland, Denmark

Preserved Bodies Around the World, Excerpt
Forget cryogenics, a bog is the best bet if you want to keep hold of your youthful looks. Tollund Man has a complexion that is still as smooth as the day he was garroted and tossed in a bog. Well, admittedly he may be a bit leathery and distorted these days, and he does look a bit grumpy from his long sleep (of around 2,000 years in a bog in Silkeborg, Denmark).

Tollund Man is the main (actually virtually the only) attraction at the Silkeborg Museum. He is believed to have been executed in 300 BC and his body, complete with the rope still around the neck, was discovered in a bog in 1950. The face of the Tollund Man is hypnotic in its detail, right down to the stubble on his chin.

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