24 June 2012

Japanese Degradation of Families - WWII

The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang, 1997, Excerpts

Some of the most sordid instances of sexual torture involved the degradation of entire families. The Japanese drew sadistic pleasure in forcing Chinese men to commit incest – fathers to rape their own daughters, brothers their sisters, sons their mothers as other family members watched. A fifteen year old Chinese girl’s family was murdered before her eyes. The Japanese first killed her brother, whom they wrongly accused of being a Chinese soldier, then her brother’s wife and her older sister because they both resisted rape, and finally her mother and father, who knelt on the floor begging the Japanese to spare the lives of their children. Before they died under the threats of Japanese bayonets, their last words urged the young girl to do whatever the enemy soldiers wanted from her.

The girl fainted. She revived to find herself naked on the floor in a strange locked room. Someone had raped her while she had been unconscious. Her clothes had been taken from her, as they had been taken from other girls in the building. For a month and a half the fifteen-year-old was raped two to three times a day. Eventually she became so diseased the Japanese left her alone. That girl was considered fortunate. Many other girls, tied naked to chairs, beds, or poles as permanent fixtures for rape, did not survive such treatment. An eleven-year-old girl died after she was raped continuously for two days.

Scene from City of Life and Death

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