03 June 2012

Sexual Function of the Prepuce

Circumcision by David Gollaher, 2000, Excerpts

Circumcision’s real mischief, according to William Morgan, a Baltimore specialist in pulmonary medicine, was that it deprived men of sexual pleasure. For a man to experience sexual intercourse without a foreskin, he declared, was like viewing a Renoir color-blind. Circumcision robs the penis of a dynamic element that contributes significantly to sexual pleasure. The mechanics of sexual activity – masturbation, foreplay, intercourse – involve ranges of motion: touching, gliding, expanding, and contracting. The normal lubrication and sliding movement associated wit the foreskin is simply missing if a man has been circumcised.

Some physicians contend that women suffer as well, writes Paul M. Fleiss. “The natural penis is self-lubrication. Vaginal secretions serve only to ease the initial insertion of the penis. Preputial secretions enable the foreskin to evert and revert smoothly over the glans. Without the mobile sheath of the foreskin, the circumcised penis acts like a ramrod in the vagina. This unnatural and has negative health consequences for women.”

Rodin The Kiss

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